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A Whole Approach to Healthy Food


Collard Greens salad with black rice, black eyes peas, and a flax oil vinegarette dressing

Welcome to Fuel Nutrition’s blog!  In this first post we would like to share our philosophy of health and a way of eating designed to create your best self.  When asked the question ‘what is your idea of healthy eating?’ the average person will have responses ranging from all sorts of dietary rules and restrictions to the latest fad that promises to drop 10 lbs. in 10 days.  While this may work for some in the short term, this way of thinking about food does not celebrate its beauty and instead casts a good versus bad shadow on mother nature’s magnificent bounty.  At Fuel we dispel all the food myths and bring to the table a philosophy of clean eating that will never again have the word deprivation roll off your tongue, at least not while your taste buds are busy savouring Fuel’s delectable creations.

Our philosophy is based some very simple principles, whole fresh foods bursting with flavour that will nourish the body on all levels for optimal health and vitality. We have taken the best of what we know, the tried and true ideas about healthy eating.  Moulded and adapted by our team members during what seems to be an eternity of experience in the field of fitness and nutrition, we have taken the best, left out the rest and made it convenient for you to have fresh, nutritious, and delicious food without compromise.  We are a little bit paleo with a vegetarian twist, a little bit raw with a cooked compliment, always dairy and gluten free but you will never miss it, sometimes a little ‘juicy’ to cleanse and detoxify, and always whole, fresh, and teeming with flavour, never failing to add a little nutrition knowledge to educate you on the goodness contained in our power packed meals.  Our promise to is inspire your palate, expand your mind, and share our enthusiasm for savouring good health while creating a joyful relationship with food and your body.

Wishing you a fresh, nutritious, and delicious day!

Your Fuel Team